CD Offline v1.18 (24.4.2001)

CD Offline help

Download (ZIP 750kB)

  • off-line browsing CD a HDD (and their parts) without CD-ROM drive
  • creating archives of CD and HDD for off-line browsing (include ZIP and RAR)
  • searching in these archives
  • export (conversion) to HTML (browsing without this program)
  • no external database engine required
  • creating backward database, where are program or data
  • export database to HTML, formated by users template
  • multilanguage support during program execution (text files *.lng )
  • and next feature in future versions

HELIUM PINGer v0.80 (2.1.2001)

PINGer help

Download (ZIP 480kB)

  • Network checking by PING services (one time or nonstop)
  • managing vith IP list (creating and storing)
  • multithreads technology for pinging
  • DNS and Reverse DNS support
  • single TraceRoute

3D graph painter

pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4

Download (ZIP 45kB)

one my first program for DOS